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      Our race proven sponsons deliver a significant handling improvement through increased adjustability, strength and design. Adjustable billet aluminum stabilizer wing allows you to tune lean-in handling characteristics. Bulletproof aluminum mounting inserts add strength and increase vertical adjustability. Fits 2012 & newer RXP-X 260 & RXT-X 260...
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      Our Power Filter feeds your supercharged 'SHO' engine a steady diet of cool air delivering greatly improved acceleration and rpm. Replaces restrictive stock air box with a high-volume, precision-formed intake duct that attaches to the supercharger via a large 4” adapter. Cool air enters the system via an oversized K&N filter element. Includes...
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    Replaces the restrictive sound suppression system located between the water box and hull exit on your watercraft. Improves engine performance by reducing back pressure and harmful detonation.
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    Our new FZ Ride Plate delivers the perfect balance of top speed and improved handling in a variety of water conditions and speeds. Its race bred design features deep channels for improved acceleration and traction in turns. Provides excellent straightline stability at high speed with reduced porposing. Utilizes stock ride plate support brackets and...
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    Delivers greatly improved acceleration and increased top speed by replacing the restrictive stock intake system. The Power Filter feeds your supercharger with an increased volume of air via a large 4” diameter intake duct and oversized K&N filter element. Ducting is precision formed from a race proven composite that will not conduct heat to incoming...
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    Our Engine Cooling Upgrade Kit delivers dramatically improved cooling efficiency to engine and oil cooler for increased performance & reliability. Greatly enhances water flow & pressure by replacing restrictive OEM pump strainer & water fittings with high-flow billet components and superior routing.
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    Stock 67 MPH @ 7,500 RPM Stage 1 73 MPH @ 7,600 RPM
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